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Traffic Order Management System (TOMs)

TOMs is a system for managing map based traffic orders. It is developed for and is currently in use by local authorities in the UK - although the principles are applicable for any country. TOMs provides users with the facility to:
  • View the current and proposed restrictions as at a given date
  • Manage restrictions, i.e., create, edit and delete restrictions
  • Print existing or proposed restriction details as at a given date

For authorities who are ready to move towards managing their traffic orders on a map based system.

Please get in touch of you would like to know more about TOMs.

TOMs is a python plugin to QGIS that relies on a connection to a postgres/postgis database.

It can be accessed as an internet service or installed on a local machine.

TOMs has the following key concepts:
  1. Restriction
    Restrictions are the lines and signs that exist on street. They are grouped into:
    • Bays
    • Lines
    • Signs
    • Polygon Restrictions, e.g., parking permit areas
    • Zones such as Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) and Parking Tariff Areas (PTAs)
    The geometry of a restriction is held against the kerbline and the shapes for the restrictions are generated from this geometry. TOMs provides for a range of different styles for representing restrictions, e.g., bays may be displayed as lines or polygons.
  2. Proposal
    This groups changes to restrictions and manages the acceptance process. Typcially, a Proposal would be put to public consultation. If it is accepted, the changes would be made together on a given date.
  3. Open-Close date
    This is the date at which a Proposal is accepted and changes are made to the restrictions. New restrictions are opened and old restrictions are closed.
  4. Map Tile
    A map tile is versioned according to the open/close date for any restrictions it contains.

Traffic orders have traditionally been managed in a paper-based format. The move to map-based orders requires:
  • Parking restrictions mapped in digital form
  • A system to view manage these restrictions
  • modifications to legal base
MHTC Ltd can provide and assist with these requirements.

Restrictions - Bay-Line types 1
Restrictions - Bay-Line types 2
Restrictions - Bay-Line types 3
Restrictions - Dimensioning