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We collect data related to transport. We carry out surveys of any size and complexity - from counting the traffic through the village of Denford in Northamptonshire to determining how people travel to Westfields, Shepherd's Bush (the largest shopping centre in Europe).

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TRICS® surveys

When developers, transport planners and local authorities are considering the transport impact of a new development, they turn to TRICS® to provide information about how people are likely to travel to the site. And as travel plans have become a condition of a site’s planning permission, the TRICS methodology has provided a standard way to monitor the travel plan over time.

For more than 20 years we have been providing that data to TRICS®.

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Parking surveys

Managing the demand for parking spaces in urban areas is a challenge for all local authorities. It is an emotive subject for residents and visitors alike. For over a decade we have been mapping parking assets and carrying out large and small scale parking surveys of all types to inform decisions in this area.

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Traffic Order Management System (TOMs)

For local authorities working with map based traffic orders, TOMs is a simple, low cost system that manages their orders. It handles the creation of new orders and allows for the viewing of orders at a given date.

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We carry out traffic and pedestrian counts of all types using appropriate techniques and equipment.

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