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TRICS® is the system of trip generation analysis for the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. First launched in 1989, it has expanded into a comprehensive database of traffic and multi-modal transport surveys, covering a wide range of development types.

The TRICS® database includes over 8,000 traffic and multi-modal surveys. MHTC Ltd has carried out 1,624 of these surveys (2002-2021). Data is held for many land uses including retail, employment, residential, education and health and the surveys range from small residential sites with a single access to large mixed use developments with many accesses.

Large annual regional data collection programmes are carried out across all parts of the UK and Ireland as well as Australia and New Zealand. There are around 250 surveys added to the database per year. Data is also added via private commissions to monitor a site’s travel plan – termed the standardised assessment methodology SAM.

For more information visit the TRICS® website:

The basis of a TRICS traffic survey is to monitor all vehicular traffic entering and leaving a site over a day (from 7am to 7pm or longer). All accesses to a site are monitored. In addition, background information is collected about the site to understand its local environment and transport links, and other parameters such as floor area, parking stock, housing composition number of employees etc.

The basis of a TRICS multi-modal survey is to monitor the trips of all people entering and leaving a site over a day. All people are recorded; they are either observed in vehicles or we carry out interviews to establish their mode of travel. All accesses to a site are monitored. In addition, background information is collected about the site as for a TRICS traffic survey.

SAM has been developed by TRICS® as a system that assists travel plan monitoring by undertaking multi-modal transport surveys as and when these are directly requested by organisations. SAM incorporates the multi-modal methodology with additional descriptive information on a site’s travel plan.

We are often asked to carry out a ‘TRICS compliant survey’. This is a multi-modal survey which uses the same method as a TRICS survey, but is organised directly between the client and ourselves. A client may request this for several reasons (he does not wish the data to be available to others, he requires other data to be collected as well, he prefers to be sure that MHTC will be the data supplier selected or the price). The client can subsequently provide the survey to TRICS for validation and we will work with TRICS to resolve any queries they may have.

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